10 Vegetarian Memorial Day Recipes

Portobello Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Sauce

Is it Friday yet? I’m SO ready for the long weekend. After a whirlwind 2 days in Toronto this week promoting the book, I’m ready to relax, sleep in, and of course eat some yummy food! If you’re hosting (or heading to) a picnic or BBQ this weekend – here are some very favorite Memorial Day veggie ideas:

Pictured above: Portobello Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Sauce

Ginger Peach Sangria

First things first, get your guests a cocktail! Mix up a big batch of this ginger peach sangria. It’s light and refreshing – my favorite summer cocktail. Serve it along with chunky Avocado, Black Bean & Corn Salsa and Cucumber Apple Green Gazpacho.

Chunky Avocado, Black Bean & Corn Salsa Cucumber Apple Green Gazpacho

For a veggie main course, try the Portobello Tacos (pictured at the top of this post), Orzo Stuffed Peppers or Chickpea Avocado Salad Sliders.

Vegetarian Orzo Stuffed Peppers Curried Chickpea & Avocado Salad Sliders

On the side: Sara’s Strawberry Tabbouleh and Grilled Corn on the Cob.

Sara's Strawberry Tabbouleh Grilled Corn on the Cob

For Dessert: Gluten Free Chocolate Pecan Skillet Cookies with melty ice cream.

Gluten Free Chocolate Pecan Skillet Cookies

For Dessert #2 (since it’s a holiday two desserts are allowed): Fancy S’mores! Put the Hershey bars away and gather a bunch of non-traditional toppings like crushed blackberries, almond butter, bananas and strawberries. Let your guests create their own customizable s’mores.

Fancy S'mores

If you make this, let us see! Tag your photo with #loveandlemons on Instagram.


  1. Caitlin from wandererandwolf.com on said:

    All of these recipes look absolutely AMAZING! I don’t even know which to try first! Probably the skillet cookies . . . I’m a big believer in having your dessert first!

    xx, Caitlin

  2. Taste of France from francetaste.wordpress.com on said:

    I just said “OMG” and then, scrolling down, “OMG” “OMG” …
    Everything looks so good. Must try it all.

  3. Thanks for planning all my weekend eating for me here! Fabulous!

  4. Aaron on said:

    Looks great! I can’t seem to get to the Chick Pea and Avocado Salad Sandwich recipe. I’ve pinned it and clicked everywhere and can’t find it.

  5. Eva on said:

    Oh they are all looking amazing!! Especially cocktail drink. I will sure try it. Pinned! ;)) xx

  6. I want it all! Especially the sangria and those irresistible fancy s’mores!

  7. Addison on said:

    Love the post! Made the pasta salad from a previous post – the dressing is amazing!!

    I’m headed to Toronto in a few weeks for vacation. Any restaurant/cafe recommendations? There’s too many that look so yummy!

  8. daniel from transport.uonbi.ac.ke on said:

    didn’t know that lemons were this great

  9. daniel from transport.uonbi.ac.ke on said:

    Great recipes there

  10. have to eat these food items atleast once in life time, delicious!!!

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