chile-lime grilled veggie skewers

chile-lime grilled veggie skewers // loveandlemons.comchile-lime grilled veggie skewers //

Cookouts are not always a vegetarian’s best friend. Over the years, I’ve eaten more dry cardboard-flavored Boca burgers than I care to remember. And for no good reason other than I suppose most of the parties we used to go to were single-dude cookouts. You know the kind: burgers, buns, and beer. Done.

Since my younger veggie days, I’ve learned a few things:

#1: Veggies are (of course) amazing on the grill.
and #2: Make foodie friends and life will be a lot tastier.

Vegetarian or not, these would make a delicious addition to any summer bbq.

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Grilled veggies with romesco sauce

Thank you to everyone who left well wishes last week about my poor thumb, and helpful suggestions for my fighting-dog issue. I’m doing much better now. Since I was one hand down last week my wonderful husband took over and cooked this lovely meal for us.

Sunday night, I sat back and drank wine while Jack carefully peeled, chopped, prepped, and grilled. I surely did not make fun of him for how long it could possibly take one to trim a pepper and I tried hard to keep my “helpful suggestions” to a minimum.

And now about the food — romesco might just be my favorite sauce. Sweet, smoky, tangy… Serve it alongside veggies, fish or meats and don’t skimp on the grilled bread. Pop open a bottle of Cava and pretend you’re on a patio somewhere in Barcelona.

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bbq portobello sliders

bbq portabello sliders //

Summer makes me happy… long sunny days, warm nights, flip flops, juicy watermelons, waffle cones… and food with ketchup. Or in this case, bbq sauce.

A few weeks ago, I was drooling over this post. So last weekend, for my dad and Jack, I decided to made a mushroom version. The only change I really made to the sauce was adding dijon mustard… I love ketchup… Jack hates it… so the mustard added a nice kick and kept the overall tomato-ey-factor in balance.

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