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  1. IMG_2014_10_07_01096-cropped
    many-veggie vegetable soup (V) (GF)
  2. IMG_2014_10_14_01172-cropped
    butternut squash walnut & sage pasta (GF)
  3. IMG_2014_10_11_01145-2
    apple cardamom oat crumble (V)
  4. IMG_2014_10_05_01073-cropped
    butternut squash burrito bowls (V) (GF)
  5. IMG_0011-flat
    ginger-apple pumpkin soup (V) (GF)
  6. chocolate-pbj-cups
    chocolate pb&j cups { vegan, gf } (V) (GF)
  7. fig-arugula-salad
    fig & arugula salad w/ pistachio pesto (V) (GF)
  8. roasted-chickpea-ratatouille
    roasted chickpea ratatouille (V) (GF)
  9. IMG_0031
    gluten free blueberry banana muffins (GF)
  10. IMG_0022
    butternut squash & tart cherry quinoa (GF)
  11. IMG_0104-cropped
    whole wheat vegan waffles (V)
  12. IMG_0078-2
    grilled eggplant & pesto sandwiches
  13. IMG_6403-cropped
    maple walnut granola parfaits (V) (GF)
  14. IMG_0008-cropped
    tart cherry & mint iced tea (V) (GF)
  15. IMG_5977-cropped
    soba noodles with shishitos & avocado (V)
  16. matchsticks
    baked sweet potato fries (a video!) (V) (GF)
  17. IMG_0012-2
    portobello pups & macaroni salad (V)
  18. IMG_0017
    crispy pesto baked zucchini
  19. IMG_0043-cropped
    spicy sweet potato avocado tostadas (V) (GF)
  20. IMG_5746-2
    heirloom tomato sun-cheese toasts (V)
  21. Spicy Peach Jam
    grace’s spicy peach jam (V) (GF)
  22. IMG_0027-cropped
    tart cherry frozen yogurt (GF)
  23. IMG_0029
    watermelon st. germain cocktails (V) (GF)
  24. IMG_0014-cropped2
    fig & ricotta flatbread pizza (GF)
  25. IMG_0009-cropped
    lemony summer squash orecchiette
  26. IMG_5364
    ginger peach sangria (V) (GF)
  27. sweetpotatosalad
    sweet potato avocado salad (& video!) (GF)
  28. IMG_0031-2
    peach salad with mint & pistachios (GF)
    mint, pistachios
  29. IMG_0023
    zucchini & grilled corn salad (V) (GF)
    pine nuts
  30. IMG_0011-cropped
    tomato & zucchini frittata (GF)
  31. IMG_0031-cropped2
    sweet pepper panzanella
  32. IMG_0022-cropped2
    mango habanero black bean tacos (V) (GF)
  33. IMG_0023-cropped2
    roasted cherry tomato bowls
  34. IMG_0032-3
    stuffed peppers w/ green tomato salsa (GF)
  35. IMG_5198-cropped
    matcha kale & peach smoothies (V) (GF)
  36. IMG_0031
    mango & red pepper orzo salad (V)
  37. IMG_0090
    fancy s’mores
  38. IMG_0020-cropped
    gluten free skillet cookies (GF)
  39. IMG_0016
    heirloom caprese w/ mint pesto (GF)
  40. IMG_0040-cropped
    vanilla peach pops (V) (GF)
  41. 1-salad
    feta & harissa fattoush salad
  42. IMG_0043
    anna’s gazpacho (V) (GF)
  43. IMG_0012-cropped
    tomato, peach & avocado bruschetta (V)
  44. IMG_0082-cropped
    raspberry polenta cake (V)
  45. IMG_0068-cropped2
    peanut butter bourbon milkshake (V) (GF)
  46. IMG_0083
    matcha mango smoothies (V) (GF)
  47. IMG_0069
    mango & zucchini lettuce wraps (V) (GF)
  48. IMG_0017-2
    grilled polenta & zucchini salsa (GF)
  49. IMG_0012-cropped
    any vegetable vinegar pickles (V) (GF)
  50. IMG_0009
    mostly-veggie baked macaroni
  51. IMG_0007
    quinoa apricot & arugula salad (V) (GF)
  52. IMG_0005
    rooberry smoothie (V) (GF)
  53. IMG_0015-cropped2
    blackberry & lemon zest crostini
  54. IMG_0013
    vegan soft baked pretzels (V)
  55. IMG_0038
    pickled chard quinoa bowls (V) (GF)
  56. IMG_0006
    pickled chard stems (V) (GF)
  57. IMG_0009
    sambal salsa & black bean tacos (V) (GF)
  58. almond-not-nutella
    almond-ella spread (V) (GF)
  59. IMG_0027-2
    bright spring green salad (V) (GF)
  60. IMG_0012-2
    vegan carrot cake (& frosting) (V)
  61. IMG_0118-cropped
    spicy kohlrabi noodles (V) (GF)
  62. dukkah spiced yogurt dip /
    dukkah spiced yogurt dip (V) (GF)
  63. IMG_0010-3
    romanesco & chickpea salad (GF)
  64. IMG_0022-cropped
    spring onion frittata (GF)
  65. IMG_0144-cropped
    spring root & watercress salad
  66. IMG_0067
    hazelnut tahini pasta (V) (GF)
  67. IMG_0020
    rainbow chard & wheat berries
  68. IMG_0044-flat
    ginger kombucha cocktails (V) (GF)
  69. IMG_0132
    avocado almondaise tartines (V)
  70. IMG_0120
    matcha mint iced tea (V) (GF)
  71. IMG_0089
    carrot green chimichurri (V) (GF)
  72. IMG_0067
    meyer lemon ice cream (V) (GF)
  73. IMG_0113
    pea tendril & pistachio pesto (V) (GF)
  74. IMG_0071
    aloo gobi-ish (V) (GF)
  75. IMG_0147
    matcha coconut latte (V) (GF)
  76. IMG_0016
    shiitake & napa cabbage gyoza
  77. IMG_0087-2
    baked parsnip fries (V) (GF)
  78. 1
    black bean & quinoa burgers (V) (GF)
  79. 1
    raspberry crumble bars (V) (GF)
  80. IMG_0081-cropped2
    “ricotta” stuffed cabbage (V) (GF)
  81. IMG_0094
    vegan stuffed shells (V)
  82. IMG_0076
    sesame noodle salad (V) (GF)
  83. IMG_0067-3
    roasted broccoli bowls (V) (GF)
  84. IMG_0081
    spiced cauliflower “couscous” (V) (GF)
  85. IMG_0068
    chilaquiles with avocado (GF)
  86. IMG_0085
    sweet potato vegetarian chili (V) (GF)
  87. Untitled-1
    sandwiches: his & hers (V)
  88. IMG_0067
    chickpea miso noodle soup (V) (GF)
  89. 1
    cauliflower mac & cheese (V) (GF)
  90. IMG_0062-highreslayout
    healthy loaded sweet potatoes (V) (GF)
  91. IMG_0070
    dried chile salsa (V) (GF)
  92. IMG_0074
    spicy black bean soup (V) (GF)
  93. IMG_0090
    vegan coffee cake muffins (V)
  94. IMG_0012-3
    brussels sprout & avocado salad (GF)
  95. IMG_0081-2
    easy pita lunch ideas
  96. IMG_0112-2-cropped
    peanut butter crispy treats (V) (GF)
  97. IMG_0069-withpepper-cropped
    tomato chickpea & coconut soup (V) (GF)
  98. IMG_0031
    chili-orange veggie bowl (V) (GF)
  99. IMG_0082-2
    moonshine sweet tea cupcakes (V)
  100. IMG_0018-cropped
    avocado steamed buns
  101. IMG_0012
    miso shiitake soba soup (V) (GF)
  102. IMG_0011
    collard wraps with carrot hummus (V) (GF)
  103. IMG_0012-2
    superfood sunshine smoothies (V) (GF)
  104. IMG_0011-2-cropped
    pistachio goji berry granola (V) (GF)
  105. IMG_0012-3
    minty pomegranate spritzer (V) (GF)
  106. IMG_0006
    coconut rice with kale & edamame (V) (GF)
  107. IMG_0010-cropped
    sweet potato (vegan) alfredo (V) (GF)
  108. IMG_0034
    avocado & pomegranate crostini (V)
  109. IMG_0045-cropped2
    creamy polenta & mushrooms (GF)
  110. IMG_0032
    rosemary maple corn muffins (V)
  111. IMG_0031
    stuffed acorn squash w/ kale & creminis (V) (GF)
  112. IMG_0011
    coconut creamed spinach (V) (GF)
  113. IMG_0045
    skillet apple crisp (V) (GF)
  114. IMG_0003-2
    rosemary roasted veggies (V) (GF)
  115. IMG_0010-cropped-2
    kale & apple butternut salad (V) (GF)
  116. IMG_0043-2
    matcha & sweet azuki macarons (GF)
  117. IMG_0009-2
    butternut squash noodle pasta (V) (GF)
  118. IMG_0030-cropped
    apple spice cocktails (V) (GF)
  119. IMG_0002
    roasted carrot turmeric soup (V) (GF)
  120. IMG_0011
    quinoa quesadillas
  121. sweetpotatosalad
    sweet potato quinoa & cotija (GF)
  122. IMG_0013-2-cropped
    mini vegan pumpkin pies (V)
  123. IMG_0018
    mushroom & chickpea stew (V) (GF)
  124. IMG_0010-cropped
    eggplant & squash tian
  125. pesto3
    kale stem pesto (V) (GF)
  126. IMG_0005-2
    miso sesame squash salad (V) (GF)
  127. IMG_0007
    pear pizza with fried sage
  128. IMG_0024-2
    peanut soba spring rolls (V) (GF)
  129. IMG_0006
    easy peanut noodles {2 ways} (V) (GF)
  130. IMG_0024
    nasu dengaku {miso eggplant} (V) (GF)
  131. IMG_0006-3
    sweet potato tahini crostini
  132. IMG_0009-2-flat-cropped
    migas breakfast tacos
  133. IMG_0001
    matcha vanilla smoothies (V) (GF)
  134. 1
    spicy jalapeño margaritas (V) (GF)
  135. IMG_0016-2
    whole grain flax waffles (V) (GF)
  136. IMG_0006
    grilled veggies with basil miso (V) (GF)
  137. IMG_0003-2
    spicy watermelon & avocado salad (V) (GF)
  138. IMG_0008-2
    almond peach cake (V)
  139. IMG_0048
    tomato, feta & honey toasts
  140. mangosesame
    mango sesame avocado salsa (V) (GF)
  141. IMG_0061
    heirloom tomato & avocado salad (V)
  142. IMG_0031
    tomato basil peach skewers (GF)
  143. IMG_0041
    creamy roasted tomato gazpacho (V)
  144. IMG_0007
    veggie caprese with olive pesto
  145. IMG_0033
    blackberry lemon cake (V)
  146. IMG_0035-cropped2
    stuffed peppers w/ chipotle “cream” (V) (GF)
  147. IMG_0012-2
    serrano & corn salsa (V) (GF)
  148. IMG_0013
    slow roasted tomato pasta (V)
  149. IMG_0072
    blueberry banana pancakes (V) (GF)
  150. IMG_0011-2
    grilled potato & arugula salad (V) (GF)
  151. IMG_0011
    zucchini coconut noodles (V) (GF)
  152. IMG_0021-2
    tequila lime fish tacos (GF)
  153. roasted shishito peppers //
    roasted shishito peppers (V) (GF)
  154. IMG_0011-flat3
    berries & coconut cream (V) (GF)
  155. IMG_0005-ll2
    chile-lime grilled veggie skewers (V) (GF)
  156. IMG_0033-3
    grilled peach & walnut crumble (V)
  157. IMG_0040-final
    cherry tomato basil salad (GF)
  158. IMG_0005-cropped
    lemony pea pesto (GF)
  159. IMG_0013-cropped
    mexican street corn salad (GF)
  160. IMG_0016
    summer berry smoothie (V) (GF)
  161. IMG_0002
    mango lime pops (V) (GF)
  162. IMG_0042
    cold cucumber soba (V)
  163. IMG_0004
    strawberry balsamic crostini
  164. IMG_0006-2
    green bean & avocado quinoa salad (GF)
  165. IMG_0011-2
    shrimp po’ boy with mango
  166. IMG_0028-cropped
    spring salad & arugula hummus (V) (GF)
  167. IMG_0027
    mango pesto (V) (GF)
  168. IMG_0002
    frozen chocolate bananas (V) (GF)
  169. chimichurri
    a few bunches of kale, 5 dinners
  170. IMG_0006
    pea & chickpea pasta salad (GF)
  171. IMG_0023
    fried egg & mango salsa waffle (GF)
  172. IMG_0003
    gluten-free almond coconut bars (V) (GF)
  173. IMG_0010-cropped
    creamy leek & almond pasta
  174. IMG_0003-cropped
    spiced carrot & chickpea salad (V)
  175. IMG_0065-layout
    coconut mint ice cream (V) (GF)
  176. IMG_0016
    creamy tortilla soup (V) (GF)
  177. spring kale panzanella
    spring kale panzanella (V)
  178. layout
    cinco de mango (V) (GF)
  179. IMG_0006
    rosemary lemon pasta (V)
  180. IMG_0017
    lavender french 75 (V) (GF)
  181. IMG_0010-cropped
    soup au pistou (GF)
  182. vegan french toast /
    vegan french toast (V) (GF)
  183. chocolate chip carrot cookies
    chocolate chip carrot cookies (V)
  184. chickpeas for hunger /
    lemony chickpea salad (V) (GF)
  185. arugula scramble with pesto /
    arugula scramble with kale pesto (GF)
  186. farro salad with kale pesto /
    farro salad with kale pesto
  187. kale & walnut pesto + easy uses /
    kale & walnut pesto (V) (GF)
  188. parmigiano & fig grilled cheese /
    parmigiano & fig grilled cheese
  189. edamame hummus & yogurt radish crostini //
    edamame hummus & radish crostini (V)
  190. mushroom & quinoa lettuce wraps /
    mushroom & quinoa lettuce wraps (V) (GF)
  191. nutella stuffed french toast /
    nutella stuffed french toast
  192. swiss chard & egg casserole
    swiss chard & egg casserole
  193. sweet potato & brussels sprout skillet /
    sweet potato & brussels skillet (GF)
  194. ginger-citrus soba noodles /
    ginger citrus soba & snow peas (V)
  195. irish ale cocktail /
    irish ale cocktail
  196. IMG_0015-2
    cauliflower puree with chickpeas (V) (GF)
  197. apple muffins /
    apple muffins (GF)
  198. shells & brussels sprouts /
    shells & brussels sprouts
  199. IMG_0029-flat
    walnut-mushroom veggie burgers
  200. apple pancake //
    apple pancake (GF)
  201. IMG_0004
    brussels sprout & sunchoke salad (V) (GF)
  202. Chipotle Shrimp Tacos //
    chipotle shrimp tacos (GF)
  203. Sesame & Shiitake Soba Noodles /
    sesame & shiitake soba noodles (V)
  204. mushroom & wheatberry sautee //
    mushrooms & wheatberries (V)
  205. mini ceviche tacos, two ways (vegetarian & pesca)
    mini ceviche tacos (V) (GF)
  206. IMG_0002-flat
    carrot muffins with coconut whip (GF)
  207. IMG_0028
    granola & pomegranate bowl (V) (GF)
  208. IMG_0010-2
    sake-steamed mussels (GF)
  209. Blood orange & bourbon /
    blood orange & bourbon
  210. pan seared cauliflower steaks /
    seared cauliflower steaks (GF)
  211. Chocolate & Almond Smoothie //
    chocolate almond breeze smoothie (V) (GF)
  212. Vegan Mac & Cheese //
    vegan mac & cheese (V) (GF)
  213. Chickpea & Saffron Stew //
    chickpea & saffron stew (V) (GF)
  214. Miso-citrus cod en papillote //
    miso-citrus cod en papillote (GF)
  215. Butternut Squash Croquettes //
    butternut squash croquettes (V)
  216. IMG_0011
    sesame & orange kale salad (V) (GF)
  217. IMG_0003
    roasted cauliflower pasta (V) (GF)
  218. Roasted Cauliflower & Leek Soup //
    roasted cauliflower & leek soup (V) (GF)
  219. Chickpea Radicchio Wraps /
    chickpea radicchio wraps (V) (GF)
  220. Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes /
    chocolate cupcakes & avocado icing (V)
  221. Curried Sweet Potato Soup /
    curried sweet potato soup (V) (GF)
  222. Asian Clementine & Cabbage Salad /
    sesame clementine & cabbage salad (V) (GF)
  223. Pear & Fennel Salad //
    pear & fennel salad (GF)
  224. Endive Appetizers //
    endive appetizers (V) (GF)
  225. Sweet Potato & Pomegranate Salad //
    sweet potato & pomegranate salad (GF)
  226. Pistachio Coconut Ice Cream // Love & Lemons
    pistachio ice cream (V) (GF)
  227. Creamy (vegan) Tomato Soup // Love & Lemons
    “creamy” sundried tomato soup (V) (GF)
  228. IMG_0007-2
    vegan almond shortbread cookies (V)
  229. Pistachio Coconut Vegan Truffles // Love and Lemons
    Pistachio coconut truffles (V) (GF)
  230. IMG_0018
    winter roasted kale salad (GF)
  231. IMG_0024
    kale & white bean soup (V) (GF)
  232. Spinach Frittata // Love & Lemons
    simple spinach frittata (GF)
  233. kalewhitebeancrostini
    kale & white bean crostini (V)
  234. Butternut squash risotto / Love & Lemons
    butternut squash & leek risotto (V) (GF)
  235. Avocado, kale & egg toast / Love & Lemons
    kale, egg & avocado toast
  236. fallpanzanella1_loveandlemons
    fall hazelnut panzanella (V)
  237. IMG_0011
    coconut curry pumpkin soup (V) (GF)
  238. Poblano Cornbread Stuffing | Love & Lemons
    poblano cornbread stuffing (V) (GF)
  239. Roasted Delicata Squash | Love & Lemons
    delicata squash veggie bowl (V) (GF)
  240. sweetpotatosurprise1_loveandlemons
    sweet potato surprise (V) (GF)
  241. pumpkin-bread-pudding_loveandlemons
    pumpkin bread pudding
  242. roastedsquash_loveandlemons
    roasted squash with apple salsa (V) (GF)
  243. acornsquash2
    Quinoa stuffed acorn squash (GF)
  244. okra_loveandlemons
    spicy seared okra (V) (GF)
  245. sweet-potato-salad_loveandlemons
    sweet potato & cranberry salad
  246. mushroomfriedrice_loveandlemons
    quinoa fried “rice” (GF)
  247. ginger-miso-noodles_loveandlemons
    ginger miso eggplant noodles (V) (GF)
  248. beetpearsalad1-loveandlemons
    roasted beet, pear & walnut salad (GF)
  249. sweetpotato-crostini_loveandlemons
    sweet potato & feta crostini
  250. roastedcauliflower2_loveandlemons
    roasted cauliflower hazelnut salad (V) (GF)
  251. tahini-zucchini-pasta_loveandlemons
    tahini zucchini noodles (V) (GF)
  252. chickpea-cakes_loveandlemons
    sesame-ginger chickpea cakes
  253. tuna-cakes_loveandlemons
    tuna cakes with yuzu yogurt
  254. ginger-noodles_loveandlemons
    ginger noodles with kale & shiitakes (V) (GF)
  255. IMG_0015
    miso-maple sweet potato tacos (V) (GF)
  256. edamame-dumplings1_loveandlemons
    edamame dumplings
  257. IMG_0049
    gluten free chocolate chip cookies (GF)
  258. greenpapaya1_loveandlemons
    green papaya salad (GF)
  259. stuffedpeppers_loveandlemons
    couscous stuffed red peppers
  260. coconut-loaves
    coconut loaf
  261. zucchininoodles_loveandlemons
    zucchini noodles & avocado-miso (V) (GF)
  262. peachcrostini_loveandlemons
    peach & pesto crostini
  263. figsalad_loveandlemons
    fig & arugula wheat berry salad
  264. tofutacos_loveandlemons
    grilled tofu tacos (V) (GF)
  265. teenysquashes_loveandlemons
    summer squash & corn orzo
  266. fig-flatbread_loveandlemons
    fig & arugula flatbread (V)
  267. shishitopeppers_loveandlemons
    roasted shishito peppers (V) (GF)
  268. pesto-loveandlemons_1
    pesto, many ways (V) (GF)
  269. pepper&chickpea-salad_love-and-lemons
    Bell pepper & chickpea salad (GF)
  270. succotash_loveandlemons1
    edamame & corn succotash (V) (GF)
  271. roasted-tomato-pasta_loveandlemons
    Roasted tomato brown rice pasta (V) (GF)
  272. love-and-lemons_peach-salsa-tostada
    peach salsa tostada (GF)
  273. grilled-peach-salad_loveandlemons1
    grilled peach salad & mint pesto (GF)
  274. tortillas_loveandlemons
    homemade corn tortillas (V) (GF)
  275. panzanella_1_loveandlemons
    grilled panzanella with poached egg
  276. taco-salad2_loveandlemons
    quinoa taco salad (V) (GF)
  277. vegan-corn-fettuccine1_loveandlemons
    fettuccine & sweet corn cream (V)
  278. LL_strawberryquinoa_1
    Strawberry quinoa & feta salad (GF)
  279. loveandlemons_green-bean-potato-salad
    green bean, potato and corn salad (V) (GF)
  280. love-and-lemons_peach-salsa
    peach salsa with mint (V) (GF)
  281. loveandlemons_thai-cucumber-salad
    thai coconut cucumber salad (V) (GF)
  282. loveandlemons_grilled-veggie-sandwich
    grilled veggie sandwich (V)
  283. love-and-lemons_shrimp-curry
    Tomato coconut shrimp curry (GF)
  284. love-and-lemons_roasted-carrots
    Roasted carrots & cilantro (GF)
  285. LL-orzo-arugula-salad
    orzo & arugula lemon thyme salad
  286. loveandlemons_cucumber-salad
    sesame cucumber salad (V) (GF)
  287. loveandlemons_grilled-veggies-2
    Grilled veggies with romesco sauce (V) (GF)
  288. loveandlemons_socca1
    socca & leek almond tart (V) (GF)
  289. loveandlemons_bruschetta
    mini bruschettas (V)
  290. love&lemons_chickpea_nicoise
    chickpea nicoise salad (GF)
  291. okonomiyaki
    veggie okonomiyaki
  292. loveandlemons_red-curry-veggies
    red curry & miso veggie bowl (V) (GF)
  293. loveandlemons_tomato-herb-pizza
    grilled herb garden pizza
  294. loveandlemons_chardtacos1
    black bean tacos with zucchini salsa (GF)
  295. loveandlemons_bbqmushroom
    bbq portobello sliders (V)
  296. loveandlemons_peanutsoba
    peanut soba noodles (V) (GF)
  297. 0516_pennebake
    swiss chard pasta bake (GF)
  298. 0515_quinoasalad
    quinoa & chickpea salad (GF)
  299. 0514_ricottabruschetta1
    lemon & chive ricotta bruschetta
  300. 0511_frenchtoast
    strawberry basil french toast
  301. 0508_rawsushi1
    veggie sushi w/ sunflower miso paste (V) (GF)
  302. 0509_beetsalad
    beet salad with lemon tahini (V) (GF)
  303. 0507_springpasta
    spring green lemon & basil pasta (V)
  304. 0504_poblanoenchilada1
    poblano “crema” enchiladas (V) (GF)
  305. 0503_mangoquesadilla1
    mango & black bean quesadillas (V) (GF)
  306. 0502_shavedfenneltoast
    lemon fennel toasts
  307. 0501_sesameasparagus
    sesame & almond asparagus salad (GF)
  308. 0429_garbanzosoup
    green garbanzo & leek soup (V) (GF)
  309. 0425_whitebeanpuree
    basil white bean puree (V) (GF)
  310. 0426_crabcakes
    crab cakes with avocado-wasabi
  311. 0417_springrisotto
    lemon risotto with asparagus & peas (GF)
  312. 0421grilledcheese
    mini grilled cheeses
  313. 0418goatcheesebrownie
    raspberry & goat cheese brownies (V) (GF)
  314. 0413_cauliflowerpizza1
    cauliflower crust pizza, part 2 (GF)
  315. 0413_cauliflowerpizza2
    cauliflower crust pizza, part 1 (GF)
  316. 0412_zucchinicoins
    zucchini carpaccio salad (GF)
  317. 0411_dijonpasta
    Brussels sprout & dijon pasta salad (GF)
  318. 0309yogurtparfait1
    granola & berry mini parfaits (GF)
  319. 404carrotcookies1
    carrot & oat cranberry cookies (V) (GF)
  320. 310sweetpotatoburger
    Sweet potato veggie burgers (V)
  321. 315ricottacranberry
    roasted broccoli & cranberry salad (GF)
  322. 3_19_coffeecake
    almond & cinnamon coffee cake (V) (GF)
  323. 325_avocadochick
    avocado & chickpea salad sandwich (V) (GF)
  324. berrycrisp
    mixed berry oat crisp (V) (GF)
  325. 3_23kalewhitebean
    Kale, mushroom & white bean stew (GF)
  326. tomatocheese
    Baked tomato cheese & bread soup
  327. 3_18_indian
    veggie curry with cardamom yogurt (V) (GF)
  328. kalepesto
    Pappardelle with kale pesto (V)
  329. 3_12_flatbread2
    sweet potato hummus & flatbread
  330. carrotcakejar
    vegan carrot cake jars (V)
  331. broccolisoup
    Broccoli & Pistachio soup (V) (GF)
  332. brusselspizza
    brussels sprout & red onion pizza
  333. eggcouscous
    Poached eggs, greens & couscous (GF)
  334. rigatoni
    Rigatoni with figs & brussels sprouts
  335. blackrice
    Black rice & spring vegetable pilaf (V) (GF)
  336. bananabread
    vegan banana bread (V)
  337. cauliflower
    roasted cauliflower, raisins & capers (V) (GF)
  338. roastedredpepper_5
    red pepper white bean spread (V) (GF)
  339. saffron_pasta
    Saffron pappardelle
  340. moltencake
    Molten chocolate cakes
  341. popcorn
    Sweet curry brown sugar popcorn (V) (GF)
  342. redbeetsalad
    Beet, avocado & grapefruit salad (V) (GF)
  343. minidonuts1
    chocolate-nutmeg cake doughnuts
  344. mushroom_polenta1
    mushroom & carmelized onion polenta (V) (GF)
  345. nachos1
    vegan nachos with cashew “cheese” (V) (GF)
  346. miso_udon
    Sweet miso udon (V) (GF)
  347. beetsalad4
    Beets & chickpeas w/ jalapeno yogurt (GF)
  348. kalechips
    Kale chips with miso dipping sauce (V) (GF)
  349. ricotta
    Ricotta & fig jam bruschetta
  350. sweetpotatosoup
    Sweet potato & pear soup with sage (V) (GF)
  351. fenelsalad2
    Fennel & arugula salad (GF)
  352. brusselsprouts1
    maple & balsamic brussels sprouts (V) (GF)
  353. pumpkinbread
    Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips
  354. carrotcake2
    healthy carrot cake
  355. sushi
    seared tuna roll with basil sauce (GF)
  356. shitakesoba
    spinach and soba noodle soup (V) (GF)