Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Happy almost Thanksgiving! Whether you’re having a vegetarian holiday, or your son’s new girlfriend is vegan… OR you just plain love vegetables (like we do), here are a few veggie feast-worthy recipes that will hopefully inspire…

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Pictured above:

Vegan Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Ginger Apple Pumpkin Soup / Shredded Brussels Sprout & Apple Salad

Butternut Squash, Walnut & Sage Pasta / Creamy Polenta & Mushrooms

Rosemary Roasted Veggies / Kale & Shiitake Mushroom Stuffing

Apple Zinger Tea-tails / Apple Cardamom Oat Crumble

Plus, check out tons more in the Thanksgiving section of our recipe index…

avocado & quinoa stuffed acorn squash

Avocado & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash / @loveandlemons

The year I first became vegetarian I truly missed the turkey part of turkey day. It seems like ages ago now, but back then I barely knew how to cook for myself, let alone embrace seasonal foods like squashes, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes (you know, the kind without marshmallows).

Fast forward to now – I eat *mostly* vegetarian every day and whenever anyone asks me how I do it, my answer is almost always: avocado.

Avocado & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash / @loveandlemons

In my opinion, avocados might be the world’s most perfect food. I eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (even dessert) – and now, thanks to Avocados from Mexico, I’ll be eating them for Thanksgiving dinner too. I’ve posted a lot of veggie side dishes so far this year, but if you’re looking for a fresh twist on a vegetarian main course, give this one a try. It’s stuffed with quinoa, black beans, green chiles and pepitas and diced avocados - all of my favorite delicious (and, by the way, healthy) flavors.

Avocado & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash / @loveandlemons

Depending on the size of your acorn squash, you may have some of this avo-quinoa filling leftover. My leftover suggestion: make post T-giving tacos!

Avocado & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash / @loveandlemons

For more recipes and ideas, check out Avocados from Mexico on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We’re also giving a special Avocados from Mexico price pack worth approximately $200. To enter, leave a comment below telling me about your own Thanksgiving avocado recipe idea. Giveaway ends Dec. 5th. Open to US residents only.

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies / @loveandlemons #vegan

I made a half batch of these cookies, which was clearly a mistake. I ate the last one for breakfast this morning and I could really go for another one right about now. Chewy, oaty, nutty… slightly sweet and warmly spiced… it’s the kind of cookie that’s just healthy enough to get by as breakfast but would be even more perfect as a 2pm snack. If only…

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies / @loveandlemons #vegan Pistachio Cranberry Cookies / @loveandlemons #vegan

This recipe is just slightly adapted from Amy Chaplin’s book At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen, which is hands down one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve ever held. I’ve been a fan of Amy’s for the longest time – among other things (like being Natalie Portman’s private chef), she’s the former executive chef of Angelica Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in NYC that I’ve adored for years. The book is full (really full) of vegan and vegetarian whole food recipes and ideas. Some great basics like miso mayo, homemade curry powder, and homemade kimchi to brownies, cakes, pies, stews, curries, pastas, and beautiful noodle bowls.

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin

One page is prettier (and more delicious looking) than the next – I had a hard time deciding which pages to show you but here are just a few of my favorites.

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin

farmhouse farro salad

Farmhouse Farro Salad / @loveandlemons

I have a love/hate relationship with farro. It takes forever and quinoa is quicker but the chewy, nutty grains bring a real heartiness to this not-wimpy fall salad. The catch is that you have to pre-plan for farro – it’s easiest to make a big batch and keep it around all week. I’m not usually that organized but I happened to have made farro the day before my Farmhouse vegetables arrived so here we are… a grain salad with more veggies than could fit onto the subject line of this post.

Farmhouse Farro Salad / @loveandlemons

The basic components are roasted sweet potatoes, peeled carrot ribbons and diced apples with a decent amount of greens worked in too. (I mixed kale and salad greens together because that’s what I had – feel free to use one or the other if you don’t have both).

Farmhouse Farro Salad / @loveandlemons

Sweet, salty, crunchy, nutty… we ate this for dinner and then I ate it for lunch the next two days in a row. This would be a pretty addition to your Thanksgiving table and most of it can be made well in advance (see my make-ahead notes below).

Farmhouse Farro Salad / @loveandlemons

soup weather recipes

Healthy Soup Recipes @loveandlemons

We’ve left the house exactly two times in the last two days. It might not be snowing here like it is for many of you – but its rainy, cold and miserable. Which means it’s the perfect weather to stay in and make soup! Here are a few of my favorites (pictured above):

Chickpea Miso Noodle Soup  /  Spicy Black Bean Soup

Tomato Chickpea & Coconut Soup / Curried Sweet Potato Soup

…and a few others that have me thinking warm thoughts:

Roasted Carrot and Fennel Soup on Sunday Spent Cooking

Amy Chaplin’s Kabocha Squash + Chestnut Soup on The First Mess

Cream of Broccoli & Cashew Soup on My New Roots

Ribollita (Tuscan Vegetable Stew) on A Couple Cooks

The New Yoga Pot on Green Kitchen Stories

Sopa Verde De Elote on 101 Cookbooks

Roasted Red Pepper Tortilla Soup on Cookie and Kate

Mushroom Soup with Legumes & Buckwheat on Hortus Cuisine

Curried Yellow Split Pea Soup on Sprouted Kitchen