anna’s gazpacho

Anna's tomato gazpacho with mango and cucumber

You didn’t think I’d talk about all of the food from our Yellow Table dinner party without sharing a recipe did you?

We don’t do many guest posts on this site, so today I’m excited to share this (literal!) guest recipe. We had so much fun hosting Anna for the weekend, we couldn’t help but snap some photos in our kitchen while she prepped for dinner. This gazpacho was SO delicious (and also super easy) – I absolutely needed the recipe.

It was the perfect cold soup for a hot Texas evening. Trust me, you’re going to want to make this one all summer long…

Anna's tomato gazpacho with mango and cucumber Anna's tomato gazpacho with mango and cucumber

It starts with some gorgeous peak-season tomatoes that we picked up that morning at the farmers market. She added them to the blender with cucumbers, cilantro, red onion, and olive oil (among other things). I was surprised how few ingredients she used to create such a rich creamy flavor. (It actually brought me back to this one that I had a few years ago on a beach in Spain).

Anna's tomato gazpacho with mango and cucumber

Her special twist? Garnishes of sweet cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber and diced mango – yum!

This recipe, (and the others from the party), are all in The Yellow Table Cookbook. You’re going to want a copy of your own, but you’ll need to pre-order it on her Kickstarter page to help make it happen! Click over now to help a fellow food blogger out…

And special thanks to Anna for the recipe!

dinner party w/ the yellow table

dinner party with The Yellow Table / Untitled-1

When someone asks you if they can come over and throw a dinner party for you and your friends, you say yes. Resoundingly, yes. To be honest, I struggle with throwing dinner parties – they’re a LOT of work and at the end of each one I always say to Jack “let’s just meet friends at a restaurant next time.” My friend Anna – from The Yellow Table – however, is a pro. She’s on a mission to make this year “the year of the dinner party.” She just spent a month driving from NYC to LA throwing 8 (EIGHT!) dinner parties along the way, including a stop at our place last weekend.

Why would someone put themselves through something so crazy as a Cookbook Roadtrip? “Something magical happens when people gather around table,” she told me… “I just love that sense of connection.” Her passion for bringing people together over delicious food was the inspiration behind the cookbook that she created (and blogged about for 100 days in a row). I can tell you first hand that her recipes are beyond delicious… but here’s the thing:

We have to kickstart that cookbook! CLICK HERE, to preorder your copy of The Yellow Table Cookbook, which will fund the first round of printing. Your copy will arrive this fall, just in time to lend some inspiration to your holiday gatherings.

And now, some pics from our party!!

dinner party with The Yellow Table / dinner party with The Yellow Table /

Anna created her menu using tons of local ingredients: Heirloom cherry tomatoes garnished her creamy gazpacho. Beautiful shaved carrots got tossed into a huge lemony kale salad. Juicy peaches and blackberries became a (make-ahead!) crumble with a crispy oat topping. (All of the recipes are in the book, btw).

dinner party with The Yellow Table / dinner party with The Yellow Table /

I set the table with mismatched chairs, vintage dishes and assorted patterned napkins. (Being a food blogger, I don’t own “sets” of anything). I designed little menu cards to tie the look together. Anna plated soups just before guests arrived – icy cold gazpacho was perfect for this hot summer night.

dinner party with The Yellow Table / dinner party with The Yellow Table /

The night was filled with good friends, (and new friends!), and of course great food. The main course (not pictured b/c Jack was too busy eating it), was grilled skirt steak and fish topped with roasted red pepper chimichurri – a delicious twist on a classic.

dinner party with The Yellow Table /

Everyone sat around the table and enjoyed wine late into the night…

dinner party with The Yellow Table /

Special thanks to Anna for coming to our house and creating such a magical evening! And thanks to Whole Foods who provided all of the groceries and wine!

food by: Anna / photography by: Jack / tables & graphics by: yours truly

tomato, peach & avocado bruschetta

tomato, peach and avocado bruschetta

It’s peach season over here! (I know, it comes early here in Texas). But when it’s peach season I have just one objective: Eat as many peaches as possible until it’s not peach season anymore.

tomato, peach and avocado bruschetta tomato, peach and avocado bruschetta

On Saturday, I came home from the farmers market with these beautiful heirloom cherry tomatoes, sweet peaches, and my favorite nine grain (Easy Tiger) bread. I truly believe summer food should be simple, so I made this easy bruschetta for dinner along with a huge salad. It was perfect for a hot summer evening along with ice cold white wine.

I used creamy avocado this time instead of any sort of cheese, but it would also be nice with a little burrata or even a slather of goat cheese.

raspberry polenta cake

raspberry polenta cake (vegan) /

What do you make with leftover polenta and leftover raspberries? Cake, of course! But not just any cake – cake in a skillet. Because skillets = summer.

raspberry polenta cake / raspberry polenta cake (vegan) /

Aside from the little bit of butter I used to grease the pan, this cake is vegan and made with coconut oil. It’s naturally sweetened with maple syrup and, of course, the sweetness that comes from the raspberries. (note: you can grease your pan with coconut oil).

It’s a (smaller) version of this peach cake I made last summer – in my 10-inch skillet this cake is just 4 servings, but you can double it if you have a larger skillet and more mouths to feed. I prefer it straight out of the oven with melty ice cream on top. Although, the leftover slices were delicious (sans the ice cream), for breakfast the next morning.

raspberry polenta cake (vegan) /

Oh, and it goes without saying that you could top this with any fruit you like.

peanut butter bourbon milkshake

vegan peanut butter bourbon milkshake /

It might not be summer everywhere yet, but here in Texas, it’s hot. Lately our weekend afternoons have consisted of long sweaty walks followed by sweet frozen treats.

vegan peanut butter bourbon milkshake /

This ice cream has been our treat-of-choice over the past few weeks – mainly because when you experiment with new recipes, you make a lot of versions. And thus, a lot of ice cream. It’s not a bad problem to have.

vegan peanut butter bourbon milkshake / vegan peanut butter bourbon milkshake /

This recipe is a 2-parter, you can stop at the ice cream, or go a step further and make it into a milkshake. Instead of our regular coconut base, we did a nutty version using raw cashews, peanut butter and Almond Breeze. The bourbon adds a nice rich flavor that doesn’t actually taste boozy (although you could add more bourbon to your milkshake if you want). If alcohol isn’t your thing, we found that a bit of apple cider vinegar created a similar balanced flavor.

This one is a little equipment heavy, as you need a vitamix-type-blender and also an ice cream maker. (I have to be honest, I’m not into extra gadgets but we get tons of use out of both of these items). And while this recipe might not be light on the calories, it is light on the number of ingredients. So if you have all of the above, this will be a snap to make and a fun summer treat!