Boozy Root Beer Floats

Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

Let’s cut to the chase – I love root beer floats. Oh, by the way, this is Jack posting once again. That’s not to say that Jeanine doesn’t love root beer floats, but when we got an opportunity to work with a beer company that brews alcoholic root beer, I knew I would be writing this post.

The first question I had, of course, was “boozy root beer? Is it good?” Well I’m glad to say that yes, BEST DAMN Brewing Co.’s hard root beer is really good and tastes just like root beer.

Root beer floats may be one of my favorite treats in the world, because they bring me back to childhood. Growing up, my dad would make floats for the two of us all the time. He wouldn’t just pour root beer over any old ice cream either – they were a special treat. He would use the fancy vanilla ice cream with the specks in it and he’d try out different root beers to see which one was the best. Root beer floats are something to be made with love and care.

Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

So here I am, decades later, and I’m sharing an adult root beer float with all of you. And just because we are who we are, we couldn’t just leave well enough alone and use store-bought ice cream. So we decided to do one of our other favorite things and make some ice cream on our own.

We made homemade vanilla ice cream with a base of coconut milk and cashews. It’s creamy without cream, and incredibly delicious.

Needless to say, this brought me back – well except for the booze part.

Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream Boozy Root Beer Floats with homemade vegan vanilla ice cream

Lemon Ginger Gimlets

Lemon Ginger Gimlets

It’s Friday and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere – can we take a moment and cheers to that? These lemon ginger gimlets are the final recipe that I contributed to our Meals for Me & You feature on Anthropologie’s blog. I’m calling them “Gimlets with a Girlfriend” – so go grab your bff and mix these up tonight. Plus, lemon + ginger = “healthy drinking.”

A lot has been going on this week so, if it’s alright with you, I’m going to speak in bullet points today. Here are links to some random bits that I found delicious and interesting:

– This is crazy, but we’ve somehow been nominated for this Better Homes and Gardens Food Blog Award – if you have a sec, it would mean the world to me if you clicked over and voted!

– Yummy cauliflower rice recipes – those sushi rolls are calling my name!

– our book on Design Sponge’s Instagram! Thanks Grace!!!!

The 10 Commandments of Taking Instagram Food Pics. Especially #5, ha.

Lemon Ginger Gimlets

This springy cocktail is my jam.

– drooling over these Gluten Free Brownies.

– Loved Lindsay’s post about feeling jealous on the internet and 12 ways make it stop. Also, Camille’s post about digital detoxing.

– This Penguin Cocktail Shaker makes me so happy.

Happy happy hour! xo, Jeanine

Bubbled-Up Coupe Set, Langholm Cheese KnivesPenguin Cocktail Shaker.

Sparkling Paloma Cocktails

Sparkling Paloma Cocktails

Happy (almost) new year and also – happy citrus season! If you were thinking “hmm… maybe margaritas for new years eve this year?” then you’ve come to the right place. Well almost.

I originally planned to make a version of my go-to pomegranate cocktail when these sweet ruby red grapefruits showed up in my Farmhouse box last week. It was a lovely surprise because, well, I’ve been over-doing it on the pomegranates lately and I love the idea of a pink drink instead. While Jack is not a fan of grapefruit in general, he loves palomas which are essentially grapefruit margaritas.

This is a slightly lighter take on the traditional recipe – I use agave nectar instead of simple syrup, and add a few splashes of sparkling water to make these bright and bubbly.

We usually drink these in the summertime, but citrus is at its best right now around here so we broke out the tequila and the tortilla chips anyway!

Sparkling Paloma Cocktails

Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs

Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs /

Thanksgiving has become an odd holiday for us. During the first years that Jack and I were together, we traveled to visit family for every single holiday. It took us awhile to realize that Thanksgiving weekend air travel is the worst of them all. So now we have a tradition of staying home with no real tradition. One year we stayed in and made risotto. the year after that we had a friends-giving (before they were called that). Last year, we stayed home and worked (we were just beginning the book).

Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs /

This year we’re going to gather with friends over a fun & easy-going brunch that doesn’t need any sort of title. What it does need are apple mimosas made with Barefoot Bubbly. For the main course I’m making butternut squash baked eggs. These are easy recipes that are always delicious, hard to mess up, and can be easily scaled to serve a group.

Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs /

This is my fall spin on a frittata – made with butternut squash, leeks and fall herbs.

Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs /

These mimosas have 3 basic ingredients – orange juice, apple juice & champagne – plus apple slices, cinnamon sticks and star anise for garnish.

Apple Mimosas & Butternut Baked Eggs /


Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas

Jalapeño Margaritas / @loveandlemons

Happy Friday!

We’re getting the weekend started a little early today with my favorite late summer drink. It’s been nearly 100 degrees around here lately – and to that I say, let’s make it hotter! Bring on the jalapeños…

Jalapeño Margaritas / @loveandlemons

My #1 rule of margaritas is to never use margarita mix. Fresh limes are a must. My #2 rule: mess with this recipe and make it your own. Adjust the ratios to make your margaritas as sweet, sour and/or spicy as you like. (I always like mine on the tart & spicy side). Double the recipe if you’re having friends over.

These are best served with salsa and tortilla chips… which are best served in this gorgeous platter from Crate & Barrel, who so kindly provided us with the serving pieces & glassware for this post. Check out the full story we created for the Crate & Barrel blog along with some healthy tailgating recipes!